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100 Easy Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas with Research Links and Sample Essays

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John Locke (1632—1704)

The ACT recently changed the format of the optional essay, debuting the new essay on the September exam. From September on, all essay prompts will require you to not only respond to a specific question, but to also read and address three unique perspectives on the question.

Perpetual Motion

They also have trouble understanding how these ideas connect to one another, which may mean that they don’t understand the main point in your essay. When your writing is not cohesive, it’s very difficult to be an effective communicator.

Everything Is Connected: Philosophy: Environmental Philosophy: Ecofeminism Ecofeminism Ecofeminism examines the connections between the oppression of women and environmental destruction. They both result from a social hierarchy that allows, if not encourages, the abuse or destruction of anything or anyone who is low status.

These topic sentences will become the framework for the rest of your paper. You will further support each with examples and citations from personal interviews, newspaper articles, or other appropriate references. And these complex ideas can be combined to form even more complex ideas.

We are now in a position to understand the character of Locke’s empiricism. He is committed to the view that all of our ideas, everything we can possibly think of, can be broken down into simple ideas received in experience.

Ten New ACT Essay Question Prompts How are these ideas connected essay
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Coherence: Transitions between Ideas