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Market Segmentation

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Market segmentation is the process of classifying a market into distinct subsets (segments) that behave in similar ways or have similar needs. The segmentation process in itself consists of segment identification, segment characterization, segment evaluation and target segment selection.

Market Segmenting – Essay Sample Market segmenting is the process of dividing the market into dissimilar, distinctive groups of people who have similar needs to be satisfied, alike wants and behavior, or who might want same products & services.

Concept Of Market Segmentation Marketing Essay. The marketing theory demonstrate that to develop a successful marketing strategy correctly, service marketers must develop segmentation strategies based on the attributes and behaviour patterns of target customers.

Benefits of market segmentation: First find out the needs of customers within a submarket (segment) and then meets them.

Marketing Segmentation Essay

Market segmentation we use an individual approach and the aggregation market is a joint approach. The market segmentation strategy, a company can design products that really match the market requirements.

Several points will be covered in the literature review, which are the concept of market segmentation, market segmentation archetypes, segmentation approaches, and types of needs, segmentation models, importance of customer service.

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Thus, market segmentation is the process of dividing the market into a number of groups that are mutually exclusive, while individuals exhibiting similar traits fall under one group. With the help of segmentation firms can anticipate the requirements of its potential customers to a greater extent, by determining the group of people best suited for a .

Market segmentation how why essay
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